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1) Many abortions are forced on the mother by the boyfriend or her own parents. My wife works in this field and the usual scenario is for the young mother to be crying in the abortion clinic waiting room while the boyfriend waits out in the car. and if she tries to go home pregnant, parents throw her out and she ends up in a shelter, ignored by her parents and the father of the baby. So much for a woman’s choice.
2) 1-2% of abortions are the result of rape, the remainder: – medical reasons a small percentage in whatever study you site. – baby would inconvenience my lifestyle: so do old people, disabled children, people who we don’t like, criminals. Should we kill them as well? – baby would grow up unwanted: of course these people never heard of adoption before – baby would end up beign a criminal: this is the excuse for those who can predict the futre.
In short, medical reasons are the only legitimate reason, and this is highly debatable.
3) Where does life begin? Other than at conception, any other date is arbitrary.
4) I will leave out the medical and massive pyschological problems that go along with abortion and that last a lifetime. The woman destroyed.
5) It’s also funny that as our birthrate declines, there will be nobody or money to take care of you when you’re old.
Abortion kills babies and your future and destroys women.


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